Hello Mary Ann & Deanna—-Thank you so much for making my move as easy as possible!! I still have lots to sort out where I want things but the main work is done & I appreciate all that you & your team did.
— L.D.
My mother made the big decision to move from her two bedroom apartment into a senior’s home. Without Mary Ann and Deanna and their staff I know that it would have been a nightmare. They were extremely compassionate, patient and kind. They helped my mother to sort through her personal possessions from clothes to photos and paperwork, to special crockery, heirlooms and furniture. They have access to many resources to help with this process. The movers they used were very polite and kind as well. It was a tough transition but made so much easier by using this great group of people. On moving day my mother did not have to do a thing. I took her to her new home, where we found everything set up for her as if she had always lived there. Her bed was made, her furniture placed, her clothes put away and her photos hung. Thank you Close At Hand. You were marvellous!!
— Sue Q. & Alice Mc.
We would like to thank you, Mary Ann, Deanna, and Jaclynn, for the efficient packing and staging you did for us! With help from our family, we were getting a lot of the downsizing and packing done for a move from our home of about 25 years. Then I realized that the clearing out and packing needed to get our home looking good for a sale in a couple of weeks, was more than I could do. On a referral from our realtor, Mary Ann came within a couple of days to give us an assessment of time and cost for finishing up the job of preparing for the sale of our home. When asking the price per hour, she gave it to us and then said that it will be well worth it. It certainly was! The team of women effectively sorted and carefully packed china, crystal, and other household belongings, (to store on our downstairs storage area) and then set up our home to look its best! They picked up on the theme of red, yellow and blue, from our belongings, and gave our home a cohesive look that suited the age and country style of our home. We appreciated their respectful manner, in their approach, with working with us. They were organized and prepared with packing materials. They moved furniture to optimize space. They were astute in knowing what needed doing and with their suggestions of ways that we could work along side of them. My stress level went from sheer panic, before we met them, to amazement and thankfulness when they were able to do what they did to prepare our home for selling, in the two days they worked for us! We would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services! Thanks to all of you for a job well done!
— R. and L. Rushton
For us, the day came when we had to move from our home in James Bay, Victoria into an independent living facility. After investigating many places, we chose Berwick House on Shelbourne St. They were very helpful with suggestions for companies to help us make the move, one of which was “Close at Hand” run by Mary Ann Dusting. She visited us in our home, gave us a cost estimate, and explained what was involved. She was very confidence-inspiring, and had a winning personality, so we decided she was the right person for us. From then on, things happened very quickly as we sold our home within a week. We then had to work towards a date when the new owners were to take possession. Mary Ann helped us downsize, made up a detailed floor plan for our furniture, and arranged to donate things we didn’t have room for to those in need. She then arranged for movers, and coordinated everything with Berwick House. She even arranged for us to stay in Berwick’s guest suite the night before the move. After breakfast, we went up to our suite to a busy crew working away to unpack our boxes and arrange our furniture. With all these people at work, a silent suggestion was made that we find something to do until they had finished moving us in! Berwick House had arranged for us to go on a wine-tasting tour, which we enjoyed very much. When we arrived back at the suite, everything was done! Pictures were hung on the wall, beds were made, there were hugs all around, and we settled happily into our new home! I can’t imagine how we could have managed the move without Mary Ann’s excellent leadership and support. Thank you so much Mary Ann! We would recommend “Close at Hand” to anyone in a similar situation!
— P. & A. Gerst
Mary Ann recently helped my mother pack up her apartment and move to a retirement home. She was wonderful and I can’t imagine doing the move without her. She always had a plan and was efficient, understanding and kind. She worked hard from the moment she arrived and was so helpful and organized, especially dealing with the many items for donation. She organized the moving company, Online Movers, and Rick and his crew were wonderful too. Mary Ann has a real gift for this sensitive line of work. We highly recommend Mary Ann and Close At Hand.
— A. Oughtred
Deanna and Mary Ann helped our family move my mother from her long time home into a retirement facility. I have to say we most certainly could not have done it without them. Not only did we have a lifetime of possessions and memories to go through, we had a complicated family dynamic which made the move much more complicated. Deanna and Mary Ann took everything presented to them in a professional manner. They had an efficient master plan of how we were to proceed and as a result, it was a joy to have them help us on this journey. I highly recommend their services.
— Amy E.
Downsizing is not an easy job, especially when a family is moving from a home that has been in the family for 2 generations, since the 1950s. Mary Ann Dusting and Deanna Cowley at “Close At Hand” eased the path and led the way with practical solutions and great advice. If we had to do it again, we would call them in a heartbeat. Thank you ladies!
— Phillip E.
Mary Ann Dusting and her staff at Close at Hand recently helped me to downsize and to move into a retirement home in Victoria following the death of my wife. This was no easy task for, after 63 years of marriage, we had accumulated much and the task of eliminating most of one’s possessions is obviously complicated by sentiment and well-meaning children. She also helped me choose new furniture better suited to a reduced living space. Mary Ann accomplished this transition admirably and I cannot recommend her too highly. She used a nice mix of sensitivity and firmness in helping me to arrive at very difficult decisions, the ones that everyone hopes will never have to be made (but which inevitably must). The actual move itself was accomplished more smoothly than I thought possible, so that I moved in with pictures on walls, things in drawers, and all as functional as one could wish. I hope I never have to go through this again but if I do, I hope Mary Ann is still in business for I am a truly satisfied and grateful customer.
— Arthur F., Victoria, BC
We hired Close at Hand to relocate my elderly parents. They were respectful and considerate of my parents’ needs, including the emotional stress related to a move. All their personal effects were handled carefully and the move went smoothly. My parents were extremely happy with the service and we found that Close at Hand made the extra effort to ensure our parents were settled comfortably in their new suite. We have no hesitation in recommending them for reliable, courteous relocation services.
— D.R., Victoria, BC
In writing this testimonial I gladly endorse the methods and work ethic of “Close at Hand”. Deanna and Mary Ann were very dependable and prompt, very alert to my anxieties, firm but flexible in responding to them. Junk was removed promptly, everything was labeled and loaded into cartons, delivered to the destination and set in place. They cheerfully accepted advice from my family members. I recommend their service without reservation. Thank you.
— M. Earnshaw
Faced with drastic changes in my life, I was fortunate through a contact to have the services of Close at Hand Home Transitions, Deanna Cowley. She was able to help me arrange a condo move and to manage the re-organizing of a lifetime of possessions. She was able to tell me what had market place value and where to send donations of items that I had no further use for. Through all of this upheaval Deanna showed great compassion and understanding of a senior’s feelings. I would recommend the services of Close at Hand Home Transitions to anyone facing major reorganizing.
— Edith H., Victoria, BC
Deanna Cowley has recently helped me move to a senior residence. I am pleased to be able to say that Deanna’s competence and pleasing personality completely eased this move which I had been dreading. She took care of everything from packing to picture hanging and all things in between. I highly recommend her and wish her every success in her business.
— Rachel T., Victoria, BC
I have known Deanna for the last couple of years and she has been of great help to me in downsizing and moving. She is a very charming and delightful young woman - very strong, very capable, very organized and very hard-working. I enjoyed her company and help immensely, especially at this stage of my life when I find it hard to face another move on my own. Hopefully she will be able to help me again in a few months when I move into independent living. It is great that her mother will be in the business too.
— Beth C., Victoria, BC