We provide all the help needed before, during, and after a move. We act as a single point of contact for our senior clients, their caregivers, family members, and other professionals throughout the relocation process.


Step 1: Pre-Move

  • Initial free in-home consultation
  • Take measurements and create a floorplan of your new home to help you determine what furniture will fit
  • Take pictures so that we can setup your new home as closely as possible to the way you had your belongings in your old home
  • Work with you to sort, organize, and label contents of the household
  • Supply all packing materials and carefully pack all your possessions, taking care with those that you treasure the most
  • Hire and schedule movers to transport everything on move day
  • Assist with shipment of heirlooms to family and friends
  • Arrange for storage of items
  • Coordinate the sale of excess belongings (via auction, consignment, or other services)
  • Drop off small items for donation to charity of your choice
  • Arrange for the removal and disposal of all remaining unwanted items
  • Coordinate and supervise other third party services (such as realtors, house cleaners, gardeners, contractors, junk haulers, etc.)
  • Coordinate change of address services
  • Cancel or transfer utilities to your new home
  • Communicate with you and your family members about the progress of the move

Step 2: Move Day

  • Complete any last minute packing
  • Coordinate and oversee movers
  • Setup your new home in ways that provide a sense of consistency between your old and new home
  • Fully unpack, putting everything away in its place
  • Arrange furniture as agreed upon in the floorplan
  • Make beds and set clocks
  • Setup bathroom and kitchen cupboards
  • Connect computers, TV’s, and phones
  • Hang pictures and artwork
  • Clean and dust furniture and accessories
  • Remove all packing materials
  • Have everything unpacked and set up by dinner time

Step 3: Post-Move

  • Post move follow-up and visit
  • Help to prepare your old home for sale
  • Personal shopping for anything you might be missing in your new home
  • See our Other Services/ Concierge Services and More to see how else we can help you settle in