How much does a typical move cost?
After a no charge home consultation we can select the appropriate options available and come up with an estimation of how many man hours will be required to meet your needs. From there your cost is based on $55/hr per organizer. Because each individual’s needs are unique, there is no set rate for a service. 
My mother is moving and we can do most of the move prep ourselves but we anticipate we’ll need some help . Can we hire you for just part of the move?
Absolutely! With a no charge consultation you can choose which services you would benefit from.  We can help as little or as much as you need. Our goal is to ease the stress of a move no matter what services are required.

What is the timeline for a typical move?
The services you choose, the size of your home and the amount of belongings you have  determine how long it takes to prepare leading up to the move day. Depending on your circumstances, a work day could be 3-4 hours once a week, for a period of time, or several consecutive days in a row. We are sensitive to what is manageable for you during a stressful time of change.

Do I have to be there for the actual move?
No. Moving can be a stressful situation and by spending your day doing something enjoyable can be very beneficial. Leave the details to us and we will coordinate all the moving parts and have you unpacked and set up in your new home by the time you arrive!

I’m not ready for assisted living. Can you help me declutter and make my home safer?
Yes! We will use our organizational skills, network of services & resources, and knowledge of aging-in-place concepts to help you achieve your goal of having a safe and comfortable life at home.
Are you insured?
Yes.  Our business liability insurance is specifically designed to protect you, your belongings, and us while working on your project.

My mother recently passed away and I live in another province. Can you clear the contents of her estate without me being there?
Yes, we work closely with relatives via email, phone and skype to fulfill the family’s wishes when they cannot be present.  We will work as your advocate from our end, keeping your best interest at heart, to ensure your loved one’s estate is looked after with complete confidentiality.

What makes Close At Hand different from a traditional moving company?

  • We are not movers, but we work with reputable movers who will do the physical moving of boxes and furniture
  • We will manage your move from start to finish with loving care
  • We help you to sort and purge your possessions before we pack so that you are only bringing what you need
  • We pack methodically with care and we unpack based on how you’d like your home to be set up, following a floor plan with your input
  • We pay attention to the small details like making your bed, hanging artwork, and setting clocks
  • Every detail imaginable can be looked after from helping you decide what to take to completely setting up your new space so you feel the comforts of home right away

Do you help with floor planning?
Yes, we take detailed measurements of your new home and of the furniture you wish to move. Together we work with you to create a floor plan and determine what will safely and comfortably fit in your new home

How do you know where to put my things?
In addition to listening to your wishes, we take photographs before we begin sorting and packing so that we can remember how you like your things to be put away. We make every effort to set up your new home to feel as familiar as possible.

Should I consider renting a storage locker for the things I can’t take with me?
We generally do not recommend this as a long term solution to store items that you just can’t bare to part with as you will just be wasting your money. However, in some cases is does make sense to rent a storage locker for a short period of time until items can be picked up by family or friends. If you decide a storage locker is right for you, we can help you arrange this